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Acupuncture is a traditional form of Chinese Medicine that has been around for over 3 thousand years. It is a natural, safe treatment that includes the insertion of sterile, hair thin, single use, stainless steel needles on various points of the body. Treatments are painless and can help with conditions ranging from digestive, sleep, respiratory, headaches, high blood pressure, recovery and chronic pain. Treatments are catered to the patients needs.  Treatments may also include cupping, moxa, heat lamps, massage, and electrotherapy.


Initial intake and treatment:  $120
Follow up treatment:  $90
30 Minute pediatric treatments (infants/toddlers):  $40



6  60 Minute treatments:  $500
12  60 Minute treatments:  $955

*We can accept flex spending and HSA for acupuncture treatments.  We can also provide you with a receipt to submit to insurance as some will reimburse.  However, we cannot bill insurance directly.

Facial Rejuvination (Acupuncture)

Facial treatments consist of a whole body acupuncture treatment with a focus on brightening the face, building collagen, reducing fine line and wrinkles and improving overall skin health.  Treatment consist of inserting hair-thin needles into wrinkles and lines, light guasha, jade rolling, facial cupping and the option for dermarolling (microneedling). Treatments are 90 minutes.  



Initial visit:  $200
Follow-ups: $150

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Thai Massage and Bodywork

Pressure is applied in a rhythmic sequence along energy lines with the practitioner using their thumbs, hands, and feet to stimulate the movement of energy in the body. Passive, yoga-based stretches are used to free muscular and joint tension.  Sessions are performed on a comfortable floor mat with the client dressed in comfortable loose fitting clothing.



60 Minutes:  $120
120 Minutes:  $150

Massage Therapies

Each session will be customized to clients specific needs.  


Swedish Massage

Promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and tension, lowers blood pressure and promotes circulation in the body.  Swedish massage can be very healing, promoting great relaxation and helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression.



60 Minutes: $70
90 Minutes: $100

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue works the deeper muscles in the body, as well as the connective tissue known as fascia.  First relaxing the superficial muscles, that then allows the massage therapist to go deeper with different massage techniques. Can benefit chronic tension and knots.  



60 Minutes: $70
90 Minutes: $100

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Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is the “Universal Life Force”, the laying of the hands on the body to promote healing in the body’s energy field and seven Chakras.  It relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation that helps with the bodies natural healing process.


Full Body: $60
30 minutes with 60 minute massage: $100


Mental Health Counseling

Counseling sessions will be client-led, strengths-based, and with an emphasis on mindfulness.  Erin uses a combination of theories/approaches, depending on what feels most appropriate and natural for each individual.  Gentle yet persistent development of coping skills, emotion regulation, and processing of personal experiences are part of the greater process.  



Initial Visit: $150
Follow up Visits: $125

**At this time, Erin is not working with any insurance agencies but can provide you with a receipt and any additional information that your insurance requires for reimbursement.

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