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Stefanie Finocchio-Durham

Stefanie’s journey to wellness began in 2005.  She was seeking balance and an escape from the chaos found in leaving home for the first time, as a freshman in college. Summer 2005, Stefanie walked into her first yoga class, and still continues to find herself there- a place to connect, feel strong, healthy, free and clear.  Years later Stef pursued her 200 hour yoga teaching training and certificate in Advanced Thai Massage, with a mission to help others feel the same grounding effects of the practice that she had.

Serendipitously, Stefanie visited an acupuncture clinic for shoulder pain and was blown away by the immediate results.  So much so that she thought to herself, I HAVE to practice this medicine! In fall of 2013, Stefanie enrolled in a masters program at the New England School of Acupuncture at MCPHS, seeking her degree in acupuncture.  She felt at home studying Chinese Medicine. It just clicked with her. This beautiful medicine circled around the earth, the seasons, yin and yang. It was all so complicated- yet so clear and simple all at the same time.  

The first year of her graduate program Stefanie and a fellow local yogi opened The Yoga Lounge in her hometown of Winthrop, Massachusetts. The next four years were some of the busiest, most beautiful, emotionally trying years of her life. She got married, had a baby, and managed the studio all while working towards her Masters in Acupuncture from NESA/ MCPHS.  In 2017 Stefanie graduated ready to help others see the magic in Chinese medicine.

In 2018 Stefanie opened her second small business, a holistic health and wellness retreat just outside of Boston and minutes from her yoga studio, Root + Sky Wellness. Stefanie hopes this practice will be a positive addition to the Boston area, opening people's eyes to the beautiful, non-invasive, effective world of chinese medicine.

Stefanie holds a MA acupuncture license, is nationally board certified through the NCCAOM, holds a BA in Writing from Umass, Masters of Acupuncture from MCPHS, Advanced Thai Massage Training Certification, 200 hour yoga teacher training and Clean Needle Technique Certification.

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Kathleen Duffy, LMT

Kathleen graduated from Cortiva Institute of Boston in 2013, completing 750 hours of training in various massage styles and techniques and started her own massage practice in her hometown of Winthrop, Massachusetts shortly after.

Just a year later, Kathleen took her first yoga class at The Yoga Lounge, Stefanie’s yoga studio.  She immediately fell in love with the practice of yoga and within five weeks she decided to complete her 200 hour teacher training to bring this joy to others. Kathleen’s yoga practice has been the greatest compliment to her massage practice, enabling her to give clients a better understanding of their own bodies and the stresses they cary. Often times, Kathleen will leave her clients with yoga poses they can do on their own to continue to improve ailments in between massage sessions.

In addition, Kathleen is a Reiki Practitioner 1.  Reiki is “Universal Life Force”, laying of the hands on the body to promote healing in the bodies energy field and seven Chakras.  It relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation that helps with the bodies natural healing process.

Kathleen believes treating the body, mind and soul, promoting self love and healing.  Treatments with Kathleen calm the mind, relax the body, while relieving stress and tension in a safe place.

Kathleen also teaches yoga at The Yoga Lounge, the PACE Program at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and the Winthrop Senior Center. 


Erin Clifton Harrison

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over fifteen years of working with individuals, groups, and families, Erin believes that healing can come through the development of mindfulness, in the empowering of ourselves through self-awareness, the constructive exploring of our relationships with others, and taking the time to create peace and clarity in this complex chaotic world. During sessions, Erin aims to provide an environment for you to reconnect to your joy, feel whole versus disjointed, and seek to create a balance between challenge and kindness for yourself.  

Helping others use their own strengths to empower themselves has been a lifelong passion for Erin.  Along with education from Binghamton University, Boston College, and Northeastern University, she has had extensive experience working with relationship issues, parenting, anxiety, stress management, adjustment, grief or loss, and trauma. 

Erin recognizes that reaching out to begin this journey is a brave and important step and is aware of the privilege it would be to accompany you.   

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Jessica Moy

Born and raised in Maryland, Jessica started her journey receiving her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore and around the same time discovered yoga as a healing personal practice for her busy school life. Shortly after graduating, she moved to San Diego, CA. It was there that she started practicing physical therapy with a specialization in orthopedic rehabilitation, athletic performance, and sports-related injuries. She did not expect to discover a whole new world of wellness, but after receiving her 200-hour yoga certification training she found that the same avenue that grounded her in the past could also apply to therapy through mindfulness and it's amazing capabilities of healing the body and soul. Jessica then went on to begin combining the two modalities by offering custom therapy sessions before moving back to the east coast in Boston. 

 Since then Jessica has continued to grow her own self-study in energetic healing, holistic health practices, and intuitive guidance to continue the symbiotic relationship between her eastern and western trainings. She strives to help clients build their own self-care practices to promote true embodied living in an era that often highlights external distractions and chaotic living. 

 Clients can expect sessions with Jessica to be held in environment that fosters a nurturing, safe space for you to come as you are and know that the elements of your growth first start with encouragement to accept yourself first and foremost. Each session will be as unique as you and Jessica will always honor your courage in stepping into your truest self. 


jessica’s services:


Holistic Movement

Holistic Movement Experience:
75-90 minutes: $165 

Yoga session:
1 hour: $115

Guided meditation or breath work:
30 minutes: $65



Feminine Embodiment:

15 minutes: $25

In these session clients will be given the space to deepen their connection between the physical and soul-being through embodied movement, yoga, intuitive guidance, and inner-self work. The Holistic Movement Experience or HoME will consist of discussion to define and reflect on personal blocks, goals, and areas in their life that they wish to evolve, followed by  the use of uniquely designed movements based in yoga to release and connect energetically to their intention, and will end with guided meditation and opportunity to reflect if needed with journaling or conscious conversation.

 Clients can choose separate components that make up the HoME for individualized sessions or one of the below with an emphasis on feminine embodiment, which consists of your consultation and movement sessions focused on how to improve your woman-wellbeing by syncing you life with the lunar and menstrual cycle.

Jessica also offers payment plans and package pricing, please contact for details or visit her website at

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